Prescription Sports Eyewear from Adidas

F. Robson & Co supply prescription sports eyewear and sunglasses by Adidas. The prescription sports glasses increase visual clarity and provide safe, relaxed vision.

Adidas has developed a highly respected range of sports eyewear:

  • Wraparound styling protects against injury, wind and insects and gives distortion free vision
  • Breakproof materials that are firm but flexible and light for maximum comfort
  • Interchangeable protective filter lenses. These provide clearer vision and cut out UV light.
  • Sport-specific frame and lens design

ClimaCool by Adidas

ClimaCool is an award winning ventilation technology made up of specially engineered vents on the  frame. The system allows air to be directed in a way that does not disturb the eyesight but manages moisture and prevents fogging.

The result – supreme comfort, allowing full concentration on the task in hand.

We offer a selection of sportswear lenses with special optimised curvatures for wraparound goggles – ideal for cycling, skiing, running etc.