Retinal Imaging Examination

retinal-imaging-1Retinal Imaging is a state of the art procedure which allows us to view and analyse the retina in great detail.

Using the latest technology, our Retinal Imaging System gives a high definition image of the central retinal area, including the optic nerve and the macula. These images highlight small irregularities allowing our Optometrist to diagnose eye disease at the earliest stages, and to recommend appropriate action.

Benefits of Retinal Imaging

  • The eye is the only part of the body in which internal blood vessels can be seen. This allows the Optometrist to detect potential problems relating to blood pressure and diabetes
  • Retinal Imaging helps us to identify problems at a much earlier stage, increasing the chances of a favourable outcome with the appropriate treatment
  • Images can be stored and compared from visit to visit, so we can monitor the progress of any irregularity.
  • Retinal Imaging is a painless procedure suitable for the vast majority of patients of all ages

Retinal Imaging for those with a family history of Age Related Maculopathy (Macular Degeneration)

At F. Robson & Co Opticians, we strongly recommend a Retinal Examination for patients who are aware of a history of Age Related Maculopathy (Macular Degeneration) in their family.  As with many eye conditions, early detection greatly increases the possibility of a favourable outcome with treatment.

Low Cost Peace of Mind

A complete eye examination includes retinal photography when indicated. NHS patients can upgrade their basic sight test to a full eye examination for £10.