Maximise and Maximise-Plus Eyecare Scheme

The Maximise and Maximise-Plus eyecare scheme is exclusive to F. Robson & Co Opticians and our associate practice John Trotter Opticians of Edinburgh. For a small monthly payment members  receive all professional services free of charge i.e. eye examination, retinal imaging and contact lens checks.  The scheme gives huge savings – usually 30% – on spectacle purchases, and reduced price contact lenses.

Free eye examinations

As a Maximise Member we will invite you to have annual eye examinations, however, you can take advantage of additional examinations as you feel you need them.

Huge Savings on Spectacles

You will receive huge savings on as many pairs of spectacles as you would like to purchase, as long as you continue your membership. Usually saving 30% off the normal retail price.

Accidental Damage Replacement Scheme

Accidental damage replacement scheme covers the first 2 years of your spectacles life. In the first year you pay only 25% of the current retail price of repairs to accidentally damaged spectacles and 50% in the second year.


  • 10% off the normal retail price of additional items such as non-prescription sun specs and spectacle  accessories
  • Included retinal imaging
  • Family memberships at reduced premium.

FAQs – Maximise from Robson Opticians

How does Maximise work?
Easy: we collect a monthly payment from as little as £8 per month and you will reap the benefits as soon as the payment is set up.

How long must I remain a member of Maximise?
18 months is the minimum membership of the scheme. If you decide to leave the scheme before that time you simply pay the outstanding premiums which means you don’t lose any of the benefits for the full 18 months.

Is the accidental damage cover complicated?
No, see this simple 3 stage process:

  • Bring in your accidentally damaged spectacles which were supplied through the Maximise scheme.
  • We organise their repair or replacement and tell you the cost
  • You collect the repaired or replaced spectacles and pay the appropriate costs.

No form filling and no hidden charges.

Maximise Plus
is an extension of our basic Maximise scheme to cover contact lens supply and aftercare too.  The premium of £12 per month gives Maximise-plus membership  which covers all contact lens checks, contact lens aftercare and contact lenses at a discounted price.