Individual Design Lenses

In recent years we have seen a vast improvement in the technology used for lens manufacture. A new genre of spectacle lenses has now been developed, these are Individually designed lenses.

Individual Design Lenses – The Options

Individual design lenses are available in three quality grades and as single vision or varifocal lenses. Options include:

  • A choice of thinner, lighter  Individual Design lenses in high refractive plastic materials
  • Individual Design lenses made in tougher, impact resistant plastics. These are ideal for rimless glasses, safety glasses and as sportswear
  • Photochromic Individual Design lenses which darken in the sunlight. These are also thinner and lighter than standard glasses
  • Polarised Individual Design  lenses which are arguably the best prescription sunglass lenses for reducing glare. Excellent for low-sun driving, cruises and angling as well as for normal holiday wear

Individual Design Lenses – Features

  • High imaging
  • Thinner and more lightweight
  • Clearer all round vision
  • Improved comfort

For details of the use of Individual Design lenses in Drivewear format, please see the Drivewear Lenses page.