i-Profiler & i-Scription from Zeiss

The Zeiss i-Profiler eye measuring system analyses distortions within the eye with extreme precision. The system’s Wavefront images, developed on laser eye treatment technology, measures the cornea shape in fine detail.

The machine projects a light wave into the eye, passing through cornea, pupil, lens, vitreous jelly and reaches the retina at the back of the eye where the images are focussed. The light then reflects back to the machine which is able to detect and graphically represent what has happened to the light wave  as a result of distortion of the eye system.

i.ProfilerBenefits of i-Profiler Eye Distortion Measurement

The i-Profiler will identify if the eye’s irregularities.  These distortions, known as high order aberrations are not uncommon  and in fact are present in 60 – 70%.  For most people it is not a problem and requires no action.
Having identified and measured high order aberrations, the i-Profiler  indicates whether the distortions are sufficiently significant to recommend the use of spectacles incorporating an additional correctional element – this is known as i-Scription.

If you have distortion of the cornea, spectacles could improve several conditions, prime amongst these are night vision, contrast and colour.

Zeiss iTerminal

We have recently added the award-winning Zeiss iTerminal to our range of dispensing technology. This enables us to measure exactly how your chosen frame sits on your face, taking spectacle customisation to an even more advanced level.