Spectacle Lenses & Frames

As totally independent opticians we are able to source spectacle frames and lenses from selected manufacturers around the world. This freedom of lens and frame selection, plus our expertise as opticians, enables us to provide a vastly wider choice than the limited ranges offered by the multiple store and supermarket opticians.

Varifocals & Thin Lenses

Recent years have seen huge development in eyewear products. We now have access to many new high optical quality lenses, varifocals and thin lens spectacles. These provide better, clearer vision than the old standard basic plastic and glass lenses and being lighter are infinitely more comfortable to wear.

LINDBERG Spirit, 3 Star, Acetanium and Sunspec Range

At F. Robson & Co Opticians, we carry one of the largest ranges of LINDBERG frames in the north of England.



LINDBERG Spirit Rimless are arguably the lightest spectacle mounts currently available.  Their particular way of assembling the mount and lenses results in a pair of spectacles which are barely visible when viewed from the front. The vast array of side styles and colours to choose from means you can make your bespoke rimless spectacles as inconspicuous or striking as you wish.

LINDBERG Acetanium frames offer something for the person who likes more definite frames, but at a fraction of the usual weight. LINDBERG Acetanium combine the look of a regular plastics type of frame with the pad bridge fit of a Lindberg titanium frame – result – stylish spectacles which don’t slip or cause discomfort!

We also carry the brand new Spirit 2 range.  Here we see LINDBERG rimless styling in its latest form, with a slightly more definite bridge, and a more solid feel, without compromising comfort.

For the ultimate in spectacle quality, combine a LINDBERG mount with Zeiss spectacle lenses!