Contact Lenses

Constantly improving design means that more and more people can now successfully wear contact lenses.  Whether you aim to wear contact lenses as your first choice of prescription correction, or purely for sport or social wear, it’s highly likely that we will be able to supply lenses for you to wear in comfort and with confidence.

We offer a vast range of contact lenses, including those for daily wear, monthly replacement lenses, or designs which may last up to 12 months. Even patients with astigmatism or those who need varifocals can usually be fitted with a lens that is right for them.

For best value, we strongly recommend our Maximise-Plus scheme to contact lens patients.  This gives reduced price lenses and solutions, and includes all professional aftercare in a low monthly payment.

We also supply standard gas permeable lenses, and lenses custom made to order for patients with more complex fitting requirements. Gas permeable lenses which are made from rigid plastic that allows oxygen to pass through the lens to the eye can be helpful in correcting more complex prescriptions. Contact lenses are a popular choice for sports use and can actually improve the vision of people with high prescriptions.

New Generation Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology is constantly improving. The most recent lens materials incorporate Silicone Hydrogel, which gives the new lenses up to five times the oxygen transmissibility of other soft contact lenses. With Silicone Hydrogel lenses, comfort can be greatly enhanced, and the irritation, dryness, redness associated with oxygen deficiency are reduced significantly.  Silicon Hydrogels are now available from most contact lens manufacturers and your Optometrist will help decide which lens is right for you.