Examinations and Sight Tests

NHS sight tests are available free to eligible patients. This covers basic eye health screening tests and a spectacle prescription check.

We recommend a comprehensive Eye Examination which includes any additional checks deemed beneficial by your Optometrist.

All these checks will be carried out by the Optometrist rather than support staff so you can rest assured that any queries you may have can be answered by your eye care professional straight away.

Please Contact Us for Private examination fees.

Why chose F. Robson & Co?

  • Eye care cannot be rushed. Our appointments take between 35-70 minutes so our Optometrists can provide a thorough examination.
  • All screening tests (including fields tests and eye pressure measurements) are carried out by our GOC-registered Optometrists, not support staff.
  • Continuity – all appointments will be with one of our employed Optometrists.
  • We have access to unique technology as one of only a handful of practices nationwide to be equipped with the Zeiss iProfiler and iTerminal.
  • We are not tied down to any spectacle or contact lens supplier, allowing us to select the best lens for each individual patient.

So why not come and experience the service that has kept us going for over 145 years and counting.

Contact Lenses

We also provide a full contact lens fitting and aftercare service.

A contact lens fitting includes a sight test (if required), a comprehensive lens insertion and removal teach and a follow-up appointment.

We can provide lenses for occasional or regular use and can provide lenses for most prescriptions, even those with astigmatism or those who need varifocals.










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